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This sounds a bit hazardous:

At first I thought this could be human error, replicated by hitting the mode button three times (mountain mode when battery is low causes engine revs) and gripping the steering wheel so that a thumb is pushing the cruise adjuster upwards causing return to set speed to be constantly activated.

But it doesn't explain the screen glitching and aircon, which leaves only the conclusion that it happened as described...

I know two people have had the instrument cluster power off and reset whilst driving, but I've never heard of the driving performance being affected...

I myself have hit the power button instead of the mode, with no ill effect other than the dash message (with pinging sound) saying press power again to shutdown. I have never actually managed to shut it off!
I understand it is not possible to restart without engaging park mode. However I wonder if there is a certain timing glitch that enables a restart without making it to park mode? and with all the peddles out of position and the car moving it could cause this kind of behaviour whilst trying to initialise....
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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