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Volt owner in the far north of Scotland

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Hi everyone from the Far North of Scotland,
I purchased a Chevy Volt a month ago in Edinburgh :D (Only 4 sold in Scotland at this time), enjoyed the 265 mile drive home. Still getting used to the controls and trying to find the best way to drive it although the majority of my mileage is 8 mile round trips with an occasional 40 mile round trip to Thurso. Managed 38.5 battery miles on that trip. Was hoping to have a free home charger installed but unfortunately the provider didn't turn up on the agreed date. Anyone had the same problem?
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Welcome Mick, I'm from around where your dealer is and I'm planning to make a purchase sometime next year. I just need to get confirmation that the government grant will still be available after the next election. I had a 3 day, 2 actual days test drive last month of an Electron that more or less made my mind up that this will be my next car. Looking forward to plugging it in and getting the benefits from the solar panels. Please check out the Chevy Volt forum from the U.S. there is lots of info on that site as well.
Hi Colin,
I originally looked at the Electron in Inverness but the deal they were offering didn't suit me and I didn't like the look of the front. Then I found out the Volt was cheaper and the deal they offered me was better hence the Volt. Unfortunately the Chevy dealer in Inverness is not authorised to sell or service the Volt so I'll have to travel to Edinburgh to have it serviced but by next year that may have changed.
Thats the problem with the subsidies, but you can have a charger installed by BG even though you haven't an EV yet.
I'm already a member of the US volt forum in fact that's where I found this site from but thanks for the info.
Hi Colin & Mick

Check out the Energy Savings Trust website
The only downside is that you have to pay for it yourself up front then claim the grant money. I was in contact with them about how I needed to have an EV before you could apply but explained that if I have to pay for it up front and I know the registration number of the car (personal plate) then could I not go ahead and arrange the installation? They agreed that this would be okay if I could supply a copy of the order form. This was all done and within a week or so I have now had the survey done, Friday 16th, with installation scheduled for Friday 23rd. The cost is a bit more than the EST grant due to me requesting the charging socket on the external wall of my detached garage. I also need an earth rod which adds to the price.
Thanks for the info will have a look.
H8Ten, yes I've been having a look at all the deals that are on the go and I'm starting to squirm with the thought going and ordering one with all the extra's that are being added. The biggest drawback is that I've just bought my sons Auris as his mum refused to go to Markies in a GT 86. Plus I only spend 8 - 10 weeks in the country and I'm not due to retire until May 2015. Jeez, the temptation is killing me. I'll maybe see what kind of a trade-in I can get on the Auris.
Hi Colin, not that I am trying to tempt you but I went in and placed an order including the one factory fitted option available only to be told a week later that Vauxhall are not taking any more factory orders until the current stock level is reduced and they had no idea when that would be. Now on one hand it tells me that there must be an awful lot of unsold Amperas somewhere and that is why they are offering the Ampera Owner's package to help move the stock. The other hand is looking at it from their point of view, they have to bring over a 'ship load' of cars from the US and therefore will not take an order for a single car until such time as they have enough orders or the current stock level it reduced. Anyway I decided that the package swung it for me, that and I have someone pestering me to buy my LPG Corsa from me.
I have read that the next factory run will have a smaller, cheaper battery with shorter range in order to bring down the costs. I got a superb used car from network Q and saved £12K on the new list price
You say "you have read"... where did you hear that? If it was online could you post a link please.

I have heard no such rumour.
I think GMG31 is referring to a quote in the motoring press about the next generation Ampera - due some time in 2015-16, not the next batch from the US.
My dealer tells me there's good supply from stock, but that Vx has reduced the options and removed the Earth model from the line up means they're more looking to sell more from stock than from custom order. (simple economics)
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