So got my new Kona fully electric has finally arrived after a very long way so my V60 is for sale.

It's Plug in hybrid 102K miles. Bought from original owner on this forum. Have all the original paperwork from the original sale and full Volvo service history. Black inscription metallic pain with very nice copper speckle effect.

It's okay for ULEZ. Will do around 23-24 miles in electric mode in the summer and around 16 miles in the winter depending on driving conditions. It's all wheel drive so good for the ice but you have to have the diesel engine on. It's also quite fast as it's around 290hp I think. 0-60mph 6seconds.

It's got a crack on the edge of headlamp and scuff below was hit while parked by a young kid on his bike a few years back. My wife likes to fight with london kerbs so all alloys are scuffed, see pictures.
Only fault code is related to Auxiliary Fuel Heater, which is used for the pre-heating the car if you subscribe to the car. I've taken it to Volvo which said there is no issues, but because where I'm parking with my drive being slightly uphill it means the heater won't start as being on a hill it means it won't get fuel. It's on page 232 of the manual. I suspect it can be reset at your next service.

Otherwise great condition.

The V60 plug in Hybrid came with lots of extras from factory I think.
Blind spot indictor.
Adaptive cruise control.
Heated steats.
Power memory seats.
Lane departure warning.
Cross traffic warning.
Reversing camera.
Front and rear parking sensors etc.

Also other options added are:

Power Sunroof, Driver support pack, Automatic breaking, Road sign recognition, Driver alertness warning, Dark tinted windows, Premium Sound, Winter illumination, Power passenger seats.

I think it may have come up before on the forum regarding the V60 Air conditioning. So the Air conditioning compressor in the car has been changed under a Volvo recall during my ownership with a newer compressor model that sorted the issue for good as I was told. Although I've never had a problem with the air conditioning and works fine and always worked fine for me.

I'll put it here £9500 for forum members. Will place on Autotrader for maybe £10k or maybe bit more, later on. Collect from west london.

Photos attached.