We've decided that once we take delivery of our ID3 we really can't justify keeping the Volvo. ID3 build is currently scheduled for the end of this month.

In my opinion it's the best plug in hybrid. Really comfortable, handles well, tows beautifully and does most local journeys as an EV. Crucially it has preheating like an EV and an auxiliary diesel heater which means you don't need to run the engine in winter to heat the cabin. Once the electric range is exhausted it still gets 50-60mpg and it switches between electric and diesel seamlessly. 0-60 is around 6 seconds, not really what it's about but it's fun to launch it away from the lights every once in a while!

It has a couple of scratches from when my elderly father used it, but before getting them fixed I thought I'd see if anyone wants to buy it as it is. It also has a fault with one of the tyre pressure sensors which I've been told will cost £250 to fix and an air conditioning fault which I haven't investigated. I personally don't find any of these things a problem so if you're like me and looking for a plug in car this might be ideal.

The interior is in good condition, one of my daughter's friends recently asked if it was a new car! Ride and handling show no signs of wear, I suspect it's mostly been used on the motorway. We're the third owners but the V5 will show more as we transferred it into my father's name and then back again after he passed away.

We fitted the tow bar last year to tow a boat so has probably towed for a total of about 1000 miles. Towing is effortless and the hybrid system still functions seamlessly even with the extra weight. Pulling a 22' long, 8' wide boat still gets over 30mpg.

Mileage just over 90000
Full dealer service history
3 stage seat heaters
Memory driver's seat with 3 settings
4 good tyres all replaced recently
Volvo app is really good
Excellent sound system with good Bluetooth connectivity

As I'm writing this I wonder why we're selling it, but I really can't justify keeping it once the ID3 arrives.

Feel free to ask any questions, either on here or on 07968 376604, and I can supply more pictures. Since I don't know when the car will actually be available I thought I'd just gauge whether there's any interest to start off with