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Volvo have announced details of the 2nd generation XC-90. My in-laws used to have one, and for the odd trip out it was a cracking beast of a vehicle to haul the kids around in and have a day out with.

Relevant to our interests is the top of the range plug-in hybrid Volvo XC-90 T8.

From the official Volvo press release (my emphasis):

Twin Engine technology

Volvo Cars has made it possible for a four-cylinder engine to provide all the driving pleasure associated with a much larger engine and do so far more efficiently and cleanly. Drive-E engines will over time be introduced across Volvo’s entire range.

For the all-new XC90, the top of the range ‘Twin Engine’ will carry the badge ‘T8’ and be a plug-in electric car, hybrid car and high-performance car rolled into one.

Normal driving is conducted in the default hybrid mode. This utilises a two-litre, four-cylinder supercharged and turbocharged Drive-E petrol engine that powers the front wheels and an 80 hp (60 kW) electric motor that drives the rear wheels.

It uses the supercharger to fill in the bottom end of the power range to give the engine a big, naturally-aspirated feel, while the turbocharger kicks in when the airflow builds up. The electric motor on the rear wheels provides immediate torque.

But at the push of a button the driver can switch to quiet and emission-free city driving on pure electric power where the range will be around 40 kilometres, and then, when needed, immediately revert back to the combined capacity of the petrol engine and electric motor, with its combined output of around 400 hp and 640 Nm of torque.
And here's an external link/news story specifically about the Plug-in variant: http://ecomento.com/2014/07/08/powerful-2015-volvo-xc90-t8-plug-in-hybrid-revealed/
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