Vortex-Automotive GT EV kit car built in 2012 with 100 x 100Ah CALB cells giving a range of well over 100 miles.

Has driven around 9,000 miles although taken off the road in 2016 to uprate the drive motor from a Ford Ranger motor and MG TF gearbox to a drive unit and electronics sourced from the Ford Connect EV/Azure Dynamics bankruptcy sale.
Due to having other EV's its hardly been driven since.

The Ford Connect drive unit consists of a Siemens water cooled motor coupled to a Borg Warner single ratio box designed for EV applications.

I used to use the Azure Dynamics inverter driving the motor that was used for the Ford van but the GEVCU-4 CAN adapter eventually failed so I have installed a brand new Scott Drive inverter which is fully supported.

The car has dual 3.3kW Brusa chargers for the full 7kW charge rate and a Type 2 socket at the fill point.

Also has a Brusa DC - DC power supply. BMS is by Orion with a Danfoss display.

Music by a Parrot Asteroid internet/satellite linked radio with Apps such as Waze.

Selling to fund my current project converting and rebuilding a Lotus Evora as I already have an Elise EV.

Tried to load more pics but the site tells me I have exceeded 20Mb when I load more than one 2Mb picture!

No MOT but will put one on it when I sell it.

Spent well over £30,000 on the car and sad to sell but will to a good home. Price negotiable if I like the buyer! ;)