Hi, its time to find a new home for my e-Golf. I've owned it from new, bought in 2019 and has about 25,000 miles.

Colour is Urano Grey with black cloth interior. I'll upload some more in detail photos as soon as I've had a chance to give it a clean.

I'm into my tech and specced the car all the bells and whistles that I thought worthwhile, they include:

- Active Info Display, instead of physical dials you have a nice sharp screen behind the steering wheel which can show all sorts of information. I usually have it show the map and navigation route.

- Dynaudio Sound System, upgraded speakers and amplifier with a subwoofer under the boot floor. This sounds amazing and Dynaudio won awards for it's installation in the Golf.

- Keyless entry, felt wrong to purchase an EV and still have to insert a key into the steering column to turn it on. So the doors unlock on touch with this system and you start the car with a button once inside.

- Automated driving, I specced the upgraded system with adaptive cruise control, lane keeping assist, and traffic assist. The system works very well and comfortably stays in lane while following the car in front up to your set speed on motorways. In traffic, the system stops and starts the car keeping in lane and following the car in front and really makes the whole experience much more relaxing.

- Discover Pro Navigation, this coves you a large high res 9.2 inch touch screen in the centre console. The interface is nice clean and responsive, I usually have Apple Carply on this screen showing my media playing.

- Wireless CarPlay, through a dongle plugged into the USB socket. Along with the keyless entry this is great as there is no fishing around in your pockets at all. Just open the car, sit and go and you have your music and all other CarPlay features come up on the centre screen.

Other features are: heated front and rear screens, front and rear parking sensors, climate control, scheduling cabin heating/cooling or turning on via app, folding wing mirrors, dimming centre mirror etc.

I'm a bit of a stickler when it comes to cleaning and detailing, so the car has never been washed by anyone other than me and I keep contact with the paint to a minimum. As a result the paint is still factory fresh with almost no swirl marks.

Let me know if you have any questions, don't hesitate to get in contact. Open to offers.