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I have a 2 month old VW E Transporter - LWB Advance.

To look at this van is great and you can see the usual VW workmanship is there. It is all very good quality.

The problem is the EV system,

The range on the brochure is dreamy! i get around 60-65 miles and thats driving so slow and lifting and coasting to regenerate when i can.

It has broken down on me now 3 times,

I've had battery malfunction, all electrics fail and yesterday after doing 4 miles from fully charged the van decided to tell the ECU the batteries were empty with no charge. It was highly embarrassing and the VW assist team gave a 2 hour time to come and recover me. Luckily an engineer rang and said the 12v battery needed to be disconnected and re connected. I did this and the van sprung back into life.

Then there is the constant juddering when pulling away, the gearbox does not a have a clue what to do when going up any sort of hill and if you lift off for speed bumps and then accelerate again its like a ride at alton towers. Trying to book the van in to the dealership and get a vehicle to use whilst its with them is near impossible.

I can live with the range but i cannot live with the rest of the issues.....

what i am saying is - VW Transporters at this present day are best purchased as a Diesel or wait for Mild Hybrid.

I am in discussions with VW how i move forward
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