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VW ID4 Delivery Date Moved back!

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Ordered my first EV (VW ID4) back in August 2021. Via VW Fleet services (Company car). I was originally given a provisional delivery date of March 2022. Today VW Fleet advised that the date has been moved back to 30th June 2022. Again this is a provisional date.
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Took delivery of my ID4 Family 77kwh today. Really pleased, a real nice smooth ride, good acceleration and looks great!

Good luck to all of you waiting for your due date

Ordered 30/09/21
Delivered 28/03/22
I'm getting annoyed now!

Ordered 29/07/21

Cannot get any update other than they haven't made it yet...
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Bonkers, there's no point in trying to understand the logic in how orders are managed.

It appears pot luck.
A few weeks after I placed my order VW switched off the online order-tracking system. Which seems like a terrible decision when you have orders backing up and more customers than ever needing to track their order!

Mine was originally scheduled for manufacture week 48 2021, that was delayed to week 6 2022, the dealer can only tell me it wasn't built when scheduled but the system hasn't been updated so they have no idea when it'll be manufactured.

I have to say VW's communication has been a shitshow. I don't see what is so difficult about communicating to your customers.
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Well the dealer today confirmed that our cars are still in a 00 state and that they have no explanation as to the reasons why the dates keep getting pushed back other than Ukraine and conductors (which I can understand). No explanation why others who have ordered at the same time/after have received there's before ours is even built other than "maybe it's a cancelled order or it had no optional extras", despite me confirming in my email that based on what has been said here and on other forums that the examples I gave were not cancelled orders nor were bog standard examples.

Just useless communications and explanations and I really do feel that it's down to prioritising private orders over fleets etc, as seen by Volvo closing their books to fleets, leases etc.

Got a Model Y test drive tomorrow.
You’re the same as me then. Dealer knows nothing, if pushed makes stuff up…

VW comms have been woeful, tell me when I’ll get the car, I can then make arrangements!
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Our car has finally arrived at the dealer in Manchester, we have the reg number and pick it up on Tuesday!

It seemed to get stuck forever at the docks in Germany, we were told it was waiting for a ship, then for chips, then all of a sudden it was on a ship and a week later at the dealer.

Ordered 6th Nov 2021, 52Kw Life Pure in kings red with no other options.
Oh wow! Nice! Glad yours is finally on its way to you!
I too ordered mine in Kings Red. But sadly ordered back in August!
Hopefully will have an update soon? May give them a call after the bank holiday weekend to see if there is any update!
I’m getting annoyed now. Ordered mine in June and no clue when I’ll get it!
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I haven't had a red car for 40 years😁
Was it a red Sierra? Literally every house in our street had a red Sierra back at the end of the 80s!
Lex update - GTX expected delivery October.

That'll be 13 months even if that was the delivery date, this is getting ridiculous.

That Model Y is looking more tempting.. big decision time.
I emailed the dealership for an update this morning.

The normal charade, is that I email again a couple of days later, then a few days after that I call and leave a message, not long after that I get a response to my original email that gives little to no information.

Looking like I'm going to have to buy a car for our family trip to Cornwall at half term. Probably a Ford Mondeo Estate (diesel) or something similar. I can get one for £10k-ish. Not much choice in the used car market at the moment and prices are high. I'm trying not to lose £3k buying a car now and selling it in 6 months time!
Rent something then, a couple of weeks should see change from £400.
I've looked into that!

Very difficult to rent a big car. Estates are usually "Ford Focus Estate or similar", 4x4s are usually "Nissan Juke or similar". Neither of which would be big enough by a long shot! A people carrier or full-size 4x4 is about a grand for a week which seems like a huge amount of money!
Not very reassuring:

My email to the dealership:
Dress Rectangle Handwriting Font Art

Their response:
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And now the wifes Life Pure order has been pushed to October, that'd be 14 months from order.

[conspiracy mode] They're pushing out the dates in the hope we cancel.
Well Tesla have done that in the past! They delivered new higher-priced orders ahead of older lower-priced orders…

I can’t imagine VW would do the same…
The communication has been a shitshow that is for sure!

How is it possible in 2022 to get it so badly wrong? Production delays can be explained. The piss-poor comms cannot be excused.
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The wife liked the Model Y, just waiting back on confirmation from the dealer they're not going to try and charge me owt for cancelling then its looking likely we're switching my order.

She wants to keep her Life ID4 order though as the monthly price for that is ridiculous cheap. Lex are now charging £100 a month more for the same car and there's no alternative from a hopefully more reliable supplier like Tesla so she's going to sit it out.
Reputable supplier? Tesla?
Did I say they were reputable? They're the most reliable supplier at the moment as they seem to be the least impacted supply chain wise.
Sorry, I misread. Thought you'd said Tesla were "reputable". They've never been seen as particularly reliable either, but right now it is possibly the shortest lead time in the segment...
What colour are you going for?

I think the Y looks wrong in white, I think dark grey is my favourite so far, but blue and red a close second.

Not sure I’d go blue after our experience with our M3 paint, it’s soft as anything and has marks all over the place already, even stonechip marks on the sides of the doors half way up. The leading bottom edge of the rear arches are almost sandblasted white, absolute rubbish. Make sure you put some paint protection film there, it should be standard.

That’s after 14 months and less than 10k miles. If yours is a lease maybe you won’t be worried about it.
It is pretty standard for Tesla owners to pay £2k for paint protection film straight out of the factory…
Has anyone been told what the current waiting time for an ID4 is? Even very roughly??

We’ve got an eGolf that’s due back in Nov 22, I’ve already agreed a 6 month extension with VWFS and they’ll extend it indefinitely if we have an order for a VAG group car in place. I think it’ll be an ID4 as a replacement, we were looking at an Enyaq 60 but those have been paused, so considering an ID4 Life Pure Performance instead.

just trying to do some planning along the lines of: warranty for the eGolf, etc etc
I’ve heard new orders are being quoted at 60 weeks.

But then I was told mine would take 24 weeks, that was a year ago and no iD4 as yet and still no clue when it might be delivered.
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That’ll be the 3rd price rise since I placed my order and I got £5k off list. BMW have started cancelling old orders at previous price points I’m very nervous that VW will do the same…
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I ordered a ID3 4th October 2021, the estimated delivery kept getting pushed back, I cancelled the order 15th March 2022 they said the delivery estimate was March 2023..... Starting to see the same on my Mokka order as well. May delivery is now August etc
The dealer won't even venture a guess as to when my order might be delivered. I've seen similar "in stock" models, in the same spec as mine, with a few k miles on the clock, advertised for £15k more than I'm paying. BMW have been cancelling old orders I'd be very upset indeed if VW did that to me!

You should have kept your iD3 order when you ordered the Mokka. You could have sold it for a profit!
Conspiracy time...

I think they're pushing people to cancel rather than forcibily cancelling orders. It was you not me!
Then there is the trick Tesla pulled where they started delivering the newer, higher value orders ahead of the older lower-priced orders!
Latest drivel from VW -

Volkswagen are still working hard to get through the backlog in their order bank as quickly as they can. We have received
the below notification from VW that production has resumed on the ID range.
They aren't fully up to production capacity as the restriction of wiring looms and semiconductor chips is still a challenge for
Production of ID.3 and ID.4 vehicles has restarted, and slowly we're seeing weekly increases in the number of cars built.
This reflects the gradual improvement in the supply of wiring harnesses for these models.
Volkswagen UK will continue to work closely with factory colleagues to prioritise production of the oldest orders, and
continue to provide updates with the latest information.
At present we are currently expecting the vehicle to be with us for the end of the year.

If they stopped production of ID3 and 4s why have folk been getting them delivered over the last month or so eh, and the prioritisation of oldest orders, what a joke. We're looking elsewhere now, VW are losing us as customers completely. If they were honest about things fine, but clearly they're not.

Might swap the wifes order for a Polestar.
I agree VW's communication has been a shitshow. It is well known that customers can take bad news, they just cannot accept little or no communication. How can an organisation as large as VW not have a someone competent leading their customer communications?

However, if you ditch your VW order now you have to join the back of the queue somewhere else.

There was a guy on here the other day who'd cancelled his iD3 order for a Mokka. However the delivery date for the Mokka has been pushed back several times...
Anyone know how long it takes to go from code 40 to collection/delivery, roughly?
40 means it has landed in the UK and is sat in port.

A week or 2 probably.
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