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VW ID4 Delivery Date Moved back!

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Ordered my first EV (VW ID4) back in August 2021. Via VW Fleet services (Company car). I was originally given a provisional delivery date of March 2022. Today VW Fleet advised that the date has been moved back to 30th June 2022. Again this is a provisional date.
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Out of interest how long do you generally wait between first ordering and then getting any kind of build date indication? I presume nobody has really beaten the build date. I've been advised that it's 50+ weeks currently from ordering, but by the sounds of it I'd expect it to be even longer than that really.
Interestingly the ID.4 Max isn't a model you can order currently, GTX Max is the closest. Also the Family is now a rebundled Style. I'm not sure when manufacturing actually changed though.
I think one reason mine is taking so long is that I've ordered the "Max".
With any luck they might upgrade you to a GTX Max which is arguably the closest model now.
My dealer is still confident about pre-xmas delivery. However he was pretty confident about me getting it before last xmas.
He just didn't say WHICH Xmas!

I think I'll feel lucky if I've got mine in 2023 at all.
I've been worried that VW will do what so many other manufacturers have done and cancel the order!

I've locked in a REALLY great price and (what now looks like) super-low-rate finance!

I was intending to pay the finance off as soon as I got the car but given what interest rates are doing I'll probably keep the loan and pay some off my mortgage!
I wasn't going to get finance until I get the car, but I've got the option of a PCP at a good deal. I don't think they'll cancel orders but who knows?
You can lock in the PCP when you place the order, or do it when you collect the car. I did mine when I placed the order to lock in the incentive.
Yeah, I've got PCP locked in as well at an OK price, I was going to self finance but I've got the PCP there as backup.

When the GBP was falling against the Euro a few days ago I was wondering how low it'd have to go before VW cancelled my order!
I ordered mine recently at already a high price, honestly think if they put them up anymore then they won't have any orders, obviously I don't know what you purchased at and I don't think I want to know!
She's arrived, all EV household now.
Congrats. How long did that take from order to delivery?
Wake up to money on radio 5 this morning and there was talk from one of the presenters saying that EV sales were slowing due to current cost
I hope this is true if it means I get my ID.4 any sooner!
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However it means your car will depreciate in value instead of holding its value or even appreciating.
I am planning on keeping it 4 years minimum so expected the market would settle by then anyway to be honest.
I've always gone for pre-reg/ex-demo low mileage cars for quite a big saving, but if I do that with the ID.4 then I'd be paying more.
Had an update from our lease company today that ours (however base spec life not GTX) is now delayed until at least early May. 15 months from ordering.
When was yours ordered? Mine was supposed to be May (ordered end of August) expected it to be delayed but that sounds like some massive delays.
I can wait for mine, I can wait for mine....
I looked at used and nearly new, but was definitely paying a premium. Honestly I don't mind waiting 14 months for mine, but I'd just really like to know, especially as it may make the difference in me getting a Elmo MG5 in the meantime.
My only worry is my existing vehicle dropping in value too much, I can only afford it to drop so much before it starts causing me a problem.
I didn't lock in especially cheap but did get a decent PCP, so will hang on.
My build date is now estimated as early May (pushed back from end of March)
I found one on Auto Trader, pretty much same specs, a colour I'd be happy with and only £500 more than brand new, however upon enquiring the difference between the PCP just rules it out for me, and that's only from ordering 4 months ago, APR has increased almost 50%
As expected, our dealer has just rung to say our estimated build week has slipped from 5 to 18 (which is still earlier than I thought it would be).
He mainly wanted to ask what we were flexible in as they have apparently got quite a few cancelled orders available (I wonder why).

Told him we could flex a little on price and we weren’t fussed about the colour, optional alloy wheels or sports suspension, but other than that we were already a fairly basic spec (pure performance, small battery). Will see what they come back with but I imagine we’ll hurry up and keep waiting.
May I ask when you ordered yours? Mine has been moved from week 11 to week 19, although suspect it to slip further.
I'd be happy to accept a Family at the original Family prices, and actually prefer the single tone roof which you can't get on the similar (Style Edition) specs anymore.
So, just had the dealer on the phone, still Status 10 with an estimated build week of 15 now (down from 18). However, we've negotiated a cancelled order and we're now getting a virtually identical Pure Performance (without the Sports Pack, but with metallic blue paint) for £14 a month extra.

Picking it up next Friday :cool:
Very jealous. I've gone for the blue paint, but would be happy with Red. Have considered a few options around but think it's probably going to be best just to hang on. Interesting the build week has come down for yours.
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I would hang on, I think given the price reduction of the Model Y there might well be a flurry of cancelled orders in the near future. Just spoken to our dealer again and our new order is blue, but it's 'Stonewashed Blue' which is a now discontinued colour, so who knows how long that order has been kicking round the system for :)
Yeah, I do wonder how the price reduction of the Model Y is going to affect things. Even with the price reduction I, personally, prefer the ID.4 still. Although still considering an MG5 just for the price difference.
Current car is black and I just fancied something a bit more fun!
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Our order has gone back again. Car was built week commencing 6th Feb! (Or so VW say) At that point we were told end of March, this moved to 20th April according to lease company and yesterday moved to 27th April. Hoping the small movement this time is a sign it is close (or at least nearly on a boat!). Gone from estimated October last year and that date has moved back about 8 times now.

Fingers crossed the latest date happens as current lease car had its gearbox gave up last month and left in a hire car at the moment.
Do you know what status and what build week you've got?
From what I can tell your car goes from build date confirmed to leaving factory. This means if it's still build date confirmed there's no way of knowing if you'd car has been built or not, it could be built but in the queue, unbuilt or half built, this makes it difficult for anyone to come up with any kind of date.
My build week was this week, but still on "confirmed build week" which means I'm in limbo really.
My understanding is that if parts are missing when your car is due to roll down the line they do one of two things:

1) They build it but park it up and wait for the part to come in, fit the part, ship the car.
2) They don't build the car. But it can take many weeks for them to reschedule the build.
That's my understanding as well, but the vehicle stays in Status 20 so it could be either of your two scenarios, simply delayed or completed but not left the factory yet and it's all the same status.
I might drop a similar email to the CEO, honestly not to hurry things along but because they do need to know how frustrating it is.
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It's quite ridiculous that these cars are taking so long to come through this long after the initial reasons for delays which were down to covid disrupting supply chains. Considering you can pick up new or pre reg/very low mileage cars at decent discounts right now, I see some ID4 at £3-4k below list.
I expected and don't mind the delay, what I find difficult is the uncertainty of when my car will be here. I've got a build date of this week, but it's still code 20 (confirmed build date) my dealer suggests end of May for collection but I know from everyone else this could be quite a bit earlier or later.
In the meantime I have an Elmo car I need to give notice on.
My car has been built, shipped and delivered to the dealership… and now I have to wait for the leasing company to installed their telematics box, which they tell me could be up to four weeks 😡😡 you’d think they would have had the foresight to have pre planned this!
That is fustrating.
I've got a telematics box on my current MG5 and I feel like a teenager being commented on their driving!
When was yours built, when did it get to the dealer and do you know which port? Mine is stuck at Emden waiting for space on a boat, but literally 15+ boats have been and gone since it was built.
It’s awful knowing your car is built and you can’t get your hands on it!

Not looking forward to having the monthly driving reports from my manager 😂, to be fair when I had a four day test drive I found myself driving in a much more relaxed manner vs. in my ICE car. So hopefully won’t get into much trouble.

It was built week commencing 6th Feb, no idea which port it came into but was told there was a back log of orders which delayed it being shipped, similar to you I ended up checking shipping schedules (quite sad that it comes to that 😂 never figured out which ship it was on). It was delivered to the dealer 24th April. Been told to expect it around the 18th May… will have been a while since trying to order a ID.3 Tour back in November 2021, told they wouldn’t accept that order and then ordered the ID.4 in Jan 2022 so around 16/17 months for the ID.4
If your car is coming to Manchester then it'll have come via Grimsby I believe, which is where mine is going. 6th Feb to 24th April is absolute madness, I'm being told there's not really a delay but I obviously know otherwise.

I've not had to wait anywhere near as long for my ID.4 so feel like I can't complain much, but the lack of information and dates is just frustrating....
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