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VW ID4 Delivery Date Moved back!

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Ordered my first EV (VW ID4) back in August 2021. Via VW Fleet services (Company car). I was originally given a provisional delivery date of March 2022. Today VW Fleet advised that the date has been moved back to 30th June 2022. Again this is a provisional date.
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Anyone know what ships they use from Emden please and how often they sail and which port of arrival. I know they use Sheerness Grimsby and somewhere up the North east.

My car is waiting a vessel and has customs docs apparently so when it gets on a ship I guess sailing time is only a day or so then once offloaded and cleared customs the dealer might get it 7-10 days later. Does that sound about right for an ID4.
Keep an eye out for any ‘Neckar’ ship/car carrier that’s in the VW part of Emden, that’s the bit where all the roads are things like ‘VW Strasse’ etc.

My GTX arrived at Grimsby on Sunday evening, just waiting delivery to the dealer now, which I’m advised is a ‘week or two’.
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Anyone know what ships they use from Emden please and how often they sail and which port of arrival. I know they use Sheerness Grimsby and somewhere up the North east.

My car is waiting a vessel and has customs docs apparently so when it gets on a ship I guess sailing time is only a day or so then once offloaded and cleared customs the dealer might get it 7-10 days later. Does that sound about right for an ID4.
Forgot to add, I used the Vesselfinder App, if you click on any likely looking ship, it usually gives you a ‘next stop’ schedule which will help identify candidate ships.

Also to add, mine took about two weeks to go from German customs release to ‘on a ship’, but I guess there’s no normal time for anything at the moment.
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I don't want to but I'm seriously contemplating switching my GTX order to a model Y.
What’s the lead time on a Y at the moment?

Just did a search and found this ship, it looks like the one your GTX came on. I will keep a look out for this ship on it's next trip.
Yes, that was the one.
Certainly not as long as the 7 months I've been waiting so far and still no sign of.
I don’t think I could wait 7 months for any car, especially if there was no firm date beyond that.

Just been flicking around the Tesla site, estimated delivery seems to be May for white with the bigger wheels, after that seems to be colour and wheels dependent and goes out to November.

Have you spoken to your dealer about any cancelled orders coming off the line or in German customs awaiting allocation?

The wiring loom stuff mentioned earlier was also on a German forum, they seemed to be saying that a lot of the DE OEMs have factories in Ukraine and it will impact a few brands, but it’s not a 100% stop as they make looms in other EU factories as well. Sounds like another factor that will potentially hold things up though.

Mind you, as others have said, compared to what’s going on in Ukraine it’s small beer…
Too right, 49k for that family? That's GTX money.

Contacted dealer via Lex, they're giving nothing away. No indication of what their plans are or realistic timescales of sourcing alternate suppliers. It gives me no confidence, I'd rather they were honest and said X extra months.

When you say contacted dealer via Lex, is it Lex or the VW dealer giving you the information?

Can’t Lex speak to the dealer and do what others are doing and pick up cancelled orders to meet peoples lease orders where spec matches etc?
I contacted the dealer via Lex, not to sound blunt but not sure what's confusing about that?

The dealer responded, via Lex.
I’ve never leased via Lex, so forgive my apparent confusion, I’m trying to understand whether what you’re getting is unfiltered comms from the dealer or comms with a Lex gloss.
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This is our conundrum too, the Life and GTX we ordered Aug last year are more expensive now, through the scheme or through lease deals.

Replacing tye GTX with a model Y for example will cost an extra 85 quid a month but likely delivered in May time.

Do I continue to hold out but with no sight of the end given the new situation or jump ship, pay more and maybe something I'm not 100% on, but its not like I'm stuck with it as its a 3 year scheme.
I wonder if this is part of the problem, hardly an incentive for the lease company to press on with a deal that eats their margin (though I’ve no idea if VW can flex the prices, or even choose not to fulfil Lease buyers if the price is now unfavourable).

It would depend on how quickly you need a car, but for me I’d probably jump for a Y if I definitely wanted an SUV type EV, or if it was AWD being the driver I’d be looking at a Polestar.

Is the new situation you mention the wiring looms thing, as that might be overstated?
That's what I'm trying to ascertain.
There is a letter that has been sent to many VW UK Retail Customers, it’s light on detail but references Ukraine.

My take is that they genuinely don’t know the exact impact of the conflict on component supply, and therefore can’t accurately predict when anything will move.

I did read on one of the business papers the other day that about 7% of components for many German manufacturers come from Ukraine factories, and that replacing that output isn’t going to do much good for wait/build times.


Slightly odd call from the dealer today.

He rang to say that the car (id4 family 77kwh) is now in transit and next step will be to arrive at the port of exit and go to status 38.

However, 3 weeks ago he told me it was already at status 38 at the port ready to be shipped, estimating it would be with me early March.

He is very confident that it will be with me before end March, but just a bit confused why the status code has essentially gone backwards.

Might it have been transported to the wrong port of exit in the first instance?
Perhaps he was just getting ahead of himself?

Status 36 is at port of exit, but not released, and status 38 is at port of exit and released to shipping.

Mine has taken about 3 weeks to get from Status 38 to arriving at the dealer.

Full list of codes is;

00 = Assigned to factory order no production week scheduled
10 = Factory ordered with production week scheduled
20 = Factory ordered production week confirmed
30 = In transit from factory
36 = Vehicle in port of exit – not released
38 = Vehicle in port of exit – released to shipping
39 = Vehicle on ship
40 = Vehicle arrival at UK port
60 = Dispatched to Dealer
70 = Vehicle arrived at Dealer
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It is sad that VW are so desperate to cover their arse that they are now using the Ukraine conflict as an excuse.

VW should just admit to their loyal customers they screwed up. They haven't been able to ramp up MEB production as they planned and took too many orders in 2021 that they now can't fulfill. This isn't new and has nothing to do with Ukraine. It also has little to do with "chips" as they had been prioritising supply and keeping the MEB factory working at capacity, unlike many of the ICE ones.
I doubt you know any more than anybody else who has commented, it’s just your view, to be fair.

I’ve picked up an ID.4 GTX and from order to delivery will be under 4 weeks. Sure, it’s a cancelled order, but they are clearly still coming off the line, just not in the numbers they’d hoped or in the spec variants that used to be offered.

The supply issues caused by the Ukraine situation are real, factories that 3 weeks ago were producing all sorts of things that go into new vehicles are no longer doing so.

This is happening in Europe, a conflict of that size and magnitude happening anywhere in the world would also impact whatever was being produced there. It’s not ‘sad’, it’s fact.
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Our 52kw Life ordered on the 28th August was yesterday moved out to end of May, still no confirmed build slot according to dealer.
I was reading on another forum today that the two German ID factories are on shutdown until 1st April now.

In slightly better news, they’re busy moving wiring loom production to other European and African factories, but that will take a few weeks to sort. Seats are also produced in Ukraine the VW dealer was telling me today, he said they were having a nightmare orders wise. But compared to being bombed he was happy with the former!
Hand over day complete! Absolutely over the moon guys and gals, 100% worth the wait. What a fantastic piece of engineering for a brilliant monthly price on the 52kw. Finally part of the EV club! 😁 View attachment 159443
View attachment 159444
Enjoy! 🙂
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Does look good in grey.

Do you know if it came with 3.0 software?
I think they’re only just building new IDs with the 3.0 software, so it will be a month or two before we see any here in the UK I think.

I picked my ID.4 GTX up a week ago, came with 2.3.
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A question for the guys who just picked up their ID4's got our's yesterday and over the moon with it. It has firmware 2.3 so the latest till 3.0 rolls out over the next few months.

At the handover the salesguy went through the basics with us (there is a lot to take in) and we connected our phones via bluetooth ok but when he tried to connect to we connect it could not do it due to vw servers being busy so asked us when we get home to keep trying till it connects.

We got home and downloaded the app to our phones but my question is what is this service for and is it a paid for service or free with the car purchase for maybe 3 years like the warranty.

If it's a paid for service there is no info on the app to suggest an annual or monthly cost but you have 14 days to cancel after initiating the app. I certainly don't want to be paying money for a service that I don't need.
It’s free for 36 months on ID cars.

Whilst the WeConnect ID App is still quite limited, you’ll need it to remotely view car status, remote start/stop charging and for remote pre-heating so worth setting up.
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Thanks for that Tooks it was just that it has no explanation in the app or on the VW website that it's free for three years so as an Oldie(70 yrs) I don't subscribe to any unnecessary paid for services unless I really need them😁

We (my wife and I) both drive the car, can we both have the app as it seems to suggest there is a primary user and if we can only have 1 I will let her register as she has apple car play on her phone (I have an android) if both can use that's even better.
The two user thing I’m not sure about, although I did have the App on both an iPhone and an iPad, just using the same login details.

Whether that’s changed at all recently I don’t know.
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A few weeks after I placed my order VW switched off the online order-tracking system. Which seems like a terrible decision when you have orders backing up and more customers than ever needing to track their order!

Mine was originally scheduled for manufacture week 48 2021, that was delayed to week 6 2022, the dealer can only tell me it wasn't built when scheduled but the system hasn't been updated so they have no idea when it'll be manufactured.

I have to say VW's communication has been a shitshow. I don't see what is so difficult about communicating to your customers.
VWs comms, or the lease companies that in many cases people have placed orders with?

The dealers still have access to the order tracking system, they have the latest position and in my case sent me screen shots from the system to show where the car was in the process.

The problems seem to be mainly where folks have placed orders through work schemes or lease companies.
I'm not sure if this applies to your ID.4 but many ID customers also qualify for 1 years free subscription to "WeCharge Go" (Ionity at 45p rather than 69p). It normally costs £5.99 per month.

If you qualify you should be able to select it under "charging on the go" in the app. That's how we set it up anyway. It showed up as £0 for us for "we charge go" (middle option). Our year is nearly up, so we'll have to remember to cancel it!

Details of WeCharge are here: We Charge | VW Charging Stations | Volkswagen UK
You’ll likely find you actively need to renew it, as opposed to cancel it.

My ID.3 WeCharge introductory offer ended and I had to select a follow up contract or turn into a PAYG customer.
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Finally managed to pick up the ID4, door jam sticker indicates build was wk49 Wednesday so took a long time to escape (MY22 as well).

@Tooks is your infotainment faster than the id3, mine is much slower for some reason??
Yep, mine is noticeably snappier than the 1st Edition ID.3 I had. Not that I found the ID.3 annoyingly slow, but I only very occasionally see the spinning circle when I click on something.
This one doesn’t even have the spinning circle on start up, it’s slow when the system has been running for an hour and you try to access maps or anything else. Will give it some time and see what happens.

the download is for the we connect app for chargers I think? If so it is a worthless in car app. I also haven’t managed to get WeConnect working yet but it usually takes time.
I’ve not noticed anything changing after an hour or so of driving, I did a 4 hour hack yesterday including over the top of the Pennines in a blizzard, and it was the same throughout.

Only issue I had was the radar going offline as the snow built up on the front of the car and took a few miles to melt and fall off.
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