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VW ID4 Delivery Date Moved back!

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Ordered my first EV (VW ID4) back in August 2021. Via VW Fleet services (Company car). I was originally given a provisional delivery date of March 2022. Today VW Fleet advised that the date has been moved back to 30th June 2022. Again this is a provisional date.
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Has anyone been told what the current waiting time for an ID4 is? Even very roughly??

We’ve got an eGolf that’s due back in Nov 22, I’ve already agreed a 6 month extension with VWFS and they’ll extend it indefinitely if we have an order for a VAG group car in place. I think it’ll be an ID4 as a replacement, we were looking at an Enyaq 60 but those have been paused, so considering an ID4 Life Pure Performance instead.

just trying to do some planning along the lines of: warranty for the eGolf, etc etc
Thanks all!

Just placed an order, sales guy said ‘about a year’ (ish). Not going to hold my breath, but I’m looking forward to getting hold of it.

Edited to add: 2 different dealers mentioned there’s a circa 2% price rise coming in early June, fairly sure it wasn’t a negotiating tactic on their part……even managed to get just under £1000 knocked off (more than I thought)
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That’ll be the 3rd price rise since I placed my order and I got £5k off list. BMW have started cancelling old orders a previous price points I’m very nervous that VW will do the same…
We talked about this with the sales guy actually, he mentioned BMW had done this……you’d not be happy would you!! Probably never buy a BMW again!

I did wonder if the decision to ‘cancel’ the Enyaq 60 in the UK was in part an effort to protect VW and Audi orders, but that might be wishful thinking!
Just had a call from our dealer, much to his surprise, our order (placed 21st May) now has a provisional build week of ‘Week 5’ next year. He’s going to give us an update in a couple of months!
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I’m still expecting ‘summer 2023’ but we’ll see!
Has there just been a subtle 'config' change (and price increase) on VW UK's website? The different models seem grouped differently and alloy wheels now seem standard on the model we've ordered
There is a non-GTX AWD option now too, badged "4motion".
So there is!! I wonder what else has changed (goes off to look)
Our dealer has just sent over his bi monthly update, and I was ‘slightly’ encouraged that there’s been no change. Still status 10, estimated build week 5. I know it will still slip, probably when there’s a confirmed build week, but I’d been bracing myself for it slipping back a couple of weeks every update
Good tip thanks!!

It’ll turn up when it turns ups, or it won’t and we’ll cancel it and get something else……

When we ordered it in June we’d just found out that the other half was pregnant, since then we’ve found out she’s pregnant with twins, so the eGolf ‘really’ won’t be big enough!
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As expected, our dealer has just rung to say our estimated build week has slipped from 5 to 18 (which is still earlier than I thought it would be).
He mainly wanted to ask what we were flexible in as they have apparently got quite a few cancelled orders available (I wonder why).

Told him we could flex a little on price and we weren’t fussed about the colour, optional alloy wheels or sports suspension, but other than that we were already a fairly basic spec (pure performance, small battery). Will see what they come back with but I imagine we’ll hurry up and keep waiting.
21st May this year!

The spec of what we ordered is still very close to the current offerings, I don’t mind paying a bit more pcm, but only if we get something ‘extra’ as it were (higher model, etc)

May I ask when you ordered yours? Mine has been moved from week 11 to week 19, although suspect it to slip further.
I'd be happy to accept a Family at the original Family prices, and actually prefer the single tone roof which you can't get on the similar (Style Edition) specs anymore.
So, just had the dealer on the phone, still Status 10 with an estimated build week of 15 now (down from 18). However, we've negotiated a cancelled order and we're now getting a virtually identical Pure Performance (without the Sports Pack, but with metallic blue paint) for £14 a month extra.

Picking it up next Friday :cool:
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Very jealous. I've gone for the blue paint, but would be happy with Red. Have considered a few options around but think it's probably going to be best just to hang on. Interesting the build week has come down for yours.
I would hang on, I think given the price reduction of the Model Y there might well be a flurry of cancelled orders in the near future. Just spoken to our dealer again and our new order is blue, but it's 'Stonewashed Blue' which is a now discontinued colour, so who knows how long that order has been kicking round the system for :)
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