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VW ID4 Delivery Date Moved back!

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Ordered my first EV (VW ID4) back in August 2021. Via VW Fleet services (Company car). I was originally given a provisional delivery date of March 2022. Today VW Fleet advised that the date has been moved back to 30th June 2022. Again this is a provisional date.
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I didn't even bother asking for a reason. With all of the publicity regarding deliver delays, I was expecting it.
What model have you ordered?
Well mine will be pushed back from an end of March delivery which is where it currently sits at on the Lex portal (Sept order).

Dealers confirmed its not even got a confirmed build slot yet.
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Called Inchscape today who told me our car, ID4 52kWh Pure ordered Nov 2021 has progressed to 'built' so he hopes to have it next month and somewhat before their original May 2022 expected delivery date. I will believe it when I see it but it seems things are all over the place.
Well that's frustrating if true, our 52kw Life was ordered end of Aug and still no confirmed build. Been pushed back from Jan delivery to end of April now.

Expect that to slip too.
At least yours is in build and you ordered after us.
My order is less 💩 than your order thread :cry:
Based on other orders it seems unlikely that a Nov 21 order would already be built. Don't make any plans based on that conversation! Hopefully correct but be prepared for some abuse here if you do get it soon ;)
It depends if the dealer already had that car in a slot. That's not clear from what he said.
Finders keepers?

I've got an inflatable, time to get my car.
Hopefully not right hand drives on the way to the UK then...?
Luxury cars up in smoke after ship catches fire - BBC News
I spoke to our dealer on Friday (also Inchscape) and they are still telling me our car is now built and waiting at the port due to the storms, but it is looking like an early March delivery. We ordered at the start of November and were expecting an end of May delivery.

Fingers crossed.
Did you get an existing build slot or was it a brand new order?
It was a brand new order. ID.4 Pure in Kings Red if that makes any difference at all.
Was the pure even around in November? I thought that was an earlier model that was taken over by the Life model, didn't think you could order the pure in November?

Edit - I was thinking of the City model. Pure is the power and battery designation. I assume you've ordered a 52kw Life.

If so and it was a brand new order then I'd love to know how you're pipping those who've ordered months before and still awaiting with no confirmation of a build slot including myself.
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Get yourself onto Carwow to sell it, had some great experiences in the past and got around £500 more than VW offered.
Not sure Carwow collect cars from the states.

Also didn't realise they did a FWD version...
following on from d3rx's good news I e-mailed my dealer for a further update and this is what reply I got this morning:

"Good Morning Keith

Your car has got a Chassis number so is complete, and showing status 38, so is at the German port waiting to be collected and bought over, all the customs paperwork is complete so just needs a boat. I guess we’ll see it within a week or so.

Ill keep an eye on the status’, but really not too far away now.

Speak to you soon, Many Thanks Simon."

So I should be seeing the vehicle in the next 2-3 weeks I think, and well chuffed as it is about on time as was quoted Feb/Mar delivery at the time of order.

New ID4 pure life 52Kw in Kings Red on the way😁
Great news.

Yet here I am, ordered at the end of Aug and still no confirmation of a build for a 52kw Life with no extras.

Maybe we should have gone for kings red rather than grey.
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I got the manganese grey one with falun wheels.
Now you're just rubbing it in. 🤣
I don't mean to be the bearer of bad news, just got off the phone with my dealership. Any car that isn't already past a certain point of build is now on hold. The wiring looms used by all IDs are produced in... Yes you guessed it, Ukraine 🥲
I don't want to but I'm seriously contemplating switching my GTX order to a model Y.

I saw the halt on production for a couple of weeks but I suspect that'll continue for months while they source alternate suppliers, it'll take time to source, agree contracts and then the new supplier to make and ship.

I know it's such an insignificant problem in light of the situation.
What’s the lead time on a Y at the moment?
Certainly not as long as the 7 months I've been waiting so far and still no sign of.
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I've bought a life model today. Think they have one more left.

I got told VW hq are fining dealers who register their stock and sell over list.
Too right, 49k for that family? That's GTX money.

Contacted dealer via Lex, they're giving nothing away. No indication of what their plans are or realistic timescales of sourcing alternate suppliers. It gives me no confidence, I'd rather they were honest and said X extra months.

I can understand them not wanting Lex involved.
When you say contacted dealer via Lex, is it Lex or the VW dealer giving you the information?

Can’t Lex speak to the dealer and do what others are doing and pick up cancelled orders to meet peoples lease orders where spec matches etc?
I contacted the dealer via Lex, not to sound blunt but not sure what's confusing about that?

The dealer responded, via Lex.
I’ve never leased via Lex, so forgive my apparent confusion, I’m trying to understand whether what you’re getting is unfiltered comms from the dealer or comms with a Lex gloss.
No, they pass on the responses from the dealer.
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as I see no other way of getting an ID.4 any time quicker or for £370 per month!
This is our conundrum too, the Life and GTX we ordered Aug last year are more expensive now, through the scheme or through lease deals.

Replacing tye GTX with a model Y for example will cost an extra 85 quid a month but likely delivered in May time.

Do I continue to hold out but with no sight of the end given the new situation or jump ship, pay more and maybe something I'm not 100% on, but its not like I'm stuck with it as its a 3 year scheme.
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