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VW ID4 Delivery Date Moved back!

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Ordered my first EV (VW ID4) back in August 2021. Via VW Fleet services (Company car). I was originally given a provisional delivery date of March 2022. Today VW Fleet advised that the date has been moved back to 30th June 2022. Again this is a provisional date.
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Has anyone been told what the current waiting time for an ID4 is? Even very roughly??

We’ve got an eGolf that’s due back in Nov 22, I’ve already agreed a 6 month extension with VWFS and they’ll extend it indefinitely if we have an order for a VAG group car in place. I think it’ll be an ID4 as a replacement, we were looking at an Enyaq 60 but those have been paused, so considering an ID4 Life Pure Performance instead.

just trying to do some planning along the lines of: warranty for the eGolf, etc etc

I ordered an ID4 in March and have been given an expected delivery date of early November… won’t be holding my breath!
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The wife's Life Pure, now being told December by Lex.

That'll be a 16 month wait.
Arval still telling me November for mine, not 100% convinced.
Just been told my order has be moved back from 3rd November expected delivery to 22nd December expected delivery. Guess it is likely to be 2023 before I see this car.
How are they giving you such precise delivery dates when it hasn’t even been built yet?

Is it a company or private purchase?
Estimated… I should have said. Works lease company, to be fair they are normally pretty close with their dates, or a least the final date they give. But expected a delay and still expecting another.
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Update from Arval today… moved from back end of Dec to early Feb, originally estimated for early November. I’ll be back in Jan to keep you all updated on the next delay 🙄😂
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Just had an update on my GTX, looks to be delayed by 16 weeks and seems to affect all 4 motion versions.
Had an update from our lease company today that ours (however base spec life not GTX) is now delayed until at least early May. 15 months from ordering.
When was yours ordered? Mine was supposed to be May (ordered end of August) expected it to be delayed but that sounds like some massive delays.
Mid Feb this year. Was originally told November, then December, then Feb and now May.
There are some new ID4's about on Autotrader you might have to make a compromise about colour/spec so maybe worth cancelling old orders and getting something now rather than wait till mid next year.
Company car order unfortunately, so have to sit and wait :(
Our order has gone back again. Car was built week commencing 6th Feb! (Or so VW say) At that point we were told end of March, this moved to 20th April according to lease company and yesterday moved to 27th April. Hoping the small movement this time is a sign it is close (or at least nearly on a boat!). Gone from estimated October last year and that date has moved back about 8 times now.

Fingers crossed the latest date happens as current lease car had its gearbox gave up last month and left in a hire car at the moment.
Do you know what status and what build week you've got?
From what I can tell your car goes from build date confirmed to leaving factory. This means if it's still build date confirmed there's no way of knowing if you'd car has been built or not, it could be built but in the queue, unbuilt or half built, this makes it difficult for anyone to come up with any kind of date.
My build week was this week, but still on "confirmed build week" which means I'm in limbo really.
No idea of the status code, but build week was week 6 (w/c 6th Feb) it is a base model so hopefully not waiting for any parts. Been told it is built and last I heard it was waiting to be shipped. It’s a struggle to get much info from the leasing company or VW at the moment. The lack of clear communication is the frustrating part.
They seem to be spitting out base models with steel wheels ten-to-the-dozen. I think I was penalised for ordering a “max”.
Wish they would spit out my base model 😂 - I am starting to see a fair few 23 plate pures on the roads the last couple of weeks.
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My car has been built, shipped and delivered to the dealership… and now I have to wait for the leasing company to installed their telematics box, which they tell me could be up to four weeks 😡😡 you’d think they would have had the foresight to have pre planned this!
That is fustrating.
I've got a telematics box on my current MG5 and I feel like a teenager being commented on their driving!
When was yours built, when did it get to the dealer and do you know which port? Mine is stuck at Emden waiting for space on a boat, but literally 15+ boats have been and gone since it was built.
It’s awful knowing your car is built and you can’t get your hands on it!

Not looking forward to having the monthly driving reports from my manager 😂, to be fair when I had a four day test drive I found myself driving in a much more relaxed manner vs. in my ICE car. So hopefully won’t get into much trouble.

It was built week commencing 6th Feb, no idea which port it came into but was told there was a back log of orders which delayed it being shipped, similar to you I ended up checking shipping schedules (quite sad that it comes to that 😂 never figured out which ship it was on). It was delivered to the dealer 24th April. Been told to expect it around the 18th May… will have been a while since trying to order a ID.3 Tour back in November 2021, told they wouldn’t accept that order and then ordered the ID.4 in Jan 2022 so around 16/17 months for the ID.4
If your car is coming to Manchester then it'll have come via Grimsby I believe, which is where mine is going. 6th Feb to 24th April is absolute madness, I'm being told there's not really a delay but I obviously know otherwise.

I've not had to wait anywhere near as long for my ID.4 so feel like I can't complain much, but the lack of information and dates is just frustrating....
It’s going to a dealership in Milton Keynes so assume the southern port, can’t remember the name of it.

The silence is the worst bit, just be open and honest with customers would help.
Telematics box?

I've never heard of a leasing company fitting one of those! But it has been a very long time since I leased a car. I guess it is so they know where to get it if you stop paying...
It’s a company car so more risk management on their part and tracking mileage. It does have a driving standards section but currently it isn’t reviewed to much so I am told (current car doesn’t have it).
The thing I hated most about having a company car was the fact that the fleet dept made a huge deal out of every parking ticket, speeding ticket, ding/scrape. I couldn't imagine having my driving performance monitored too...
To be fair to my work they ain’t been too bad, had a speeding ticket, and one big crash and seriously curbed two alloy wheels and they have been fine with me. My colleagues with the telematics say that driving standards have never been mentioned other than the induction to telematic video they had to watch, although they get an automated email with every “critical” issue… whatever they might be… hopefully I can find out soon 😂
Well it finally got delivered this morning.

Now to play and figure it out this evening with a little drive out and then a 200 mile round trip tomorrow followed by a 350(ish) round trip Thursday…. Might regret this by Friday 🙄😂

Intelligent Octopus is set up so fingers crossed that works how it should tonight! Going to a rapid to see how the wecharge app works after going for a drive later this evening, just so I have a plan B if I wake up to less charge than I need in the morning.

Weekend will be detailing 😊
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Aren't they steels with caps on.

I think...
You are correct, but to be fair they look decent enough. And I can’t ruin yet another set of alloys!
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What one did you go for? Battery? Trim?
Base spec pure 52kwh, did try to order a ID.3 tour in December 2021 and was told they wouldn’t take anymore orders. So went for this, and I’m now happy 😊
Them black alloys look nice, I ended up getting the Style Edition so kept with the standard silver.
Mine landed in the UK yesterday and hopefully I'll be picking it up on the 3rd June!
Enjoy and let me know if there's anything you find interesting to look out for.
Fingers crossed for the 3rd June, not too far off now.

It’s just taken me ten minutes to figure out how to adjust the wing mirrors 😂
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