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Waiting on British Gaszzzzz...

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Morning all, great forum!
Reading a few posts on EV forums it seems that some owners are choosing to go straight to Chargemaster to get their home station installed, rather than wait for British Gas?
I didn't know that was an option. I registered a month ago with BG and after having had an acknowledgment email have since heard nothing!
I chased up during the week and tried to speak to their EV team but just got given the runaround.
My PHEV is due at the dealers in the next week, so my question is can I approach Chargemaster to install under the grant scheme or am I going to have to wait for BG to grace me with a response?!

Getting quite excited now......
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I went straight to Charge Master, I even gave them a mobile so they could ring me and that worked as I got someones cancelation and was fitted in about a week. Ps this was 18 months ago
Thanks Andy. I might try that next then.
Hi David, I posted a reply to a similar thread on another forum - give [email protected] a try - he managed to fit me in yesterday with only a couple of days notice - which may have had something to do with being an outlander owner himself !
Yeah that was me too! Thanks, I'm going to contact him tomorrow. I've had a look at their website. If you're based in Brum they should be able to help Je in Essex. Thx for your suggestion. Are you pleased with the job they did? Did you go for the 32A upgrade or just the 16A?
Top job! Definitely recommended. I went for the 16amp version - I'll have my outlander for a few years and if I do need to, I can upgrade the pod point at a later stage. If I win the lottery in the meantime, and can pick up a Tesla though...
Have you seen this thread? ==> https://speakev.com/threads/olev-halts-domestic-installs.2324/

The grant funding home chargers is currently on hold. Most installers are waiting until the grant restarts. (If you read through the thread that should be soon but possibly with different terms)
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