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Waiting time

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Hi everyone, can anyone explain the waiting time for a 62tekna leaf......now told it will be next February......that's 12months from the time of ordering.
Regards Keith
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Your dealer or leasing company is best placed to advise on lead times. Not everywhere will get the same place in a build queue since some have set build allocations that they sell slots on, and others may be able to sell on cancelled builds for shorter lead times for example. Definitely ask them to clarify for you.

The 62kWh has a significantly longer lead time than the 40kWh however. Even if you ordered a 40 Today as a brand new factory build there's a good chance you might get it before next Feb... If you need wheels quickly then maybe consider if you definitely need the bigger battery or if the smaller one plus financial savings may work out better for you?

The other alternative is looking for other cars. The 38kWh Hyundai Ioniq EV (Smaller battery but longer range) is comparably sized and priced to the LEAF. There's still a few of those coming off the last of the production line unsold and you can grab them with only a few weeks wait. Other than that most other manufacturers and models are struggling just as much to cope with demand and you'll be in for a long wait anywhere.
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