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Just a heads up to anyone thinking of getting this unit.

This charger is "smart" <sic> by connecting to the Internet via GPRS in the unit - which uses a "multi sim".
Your app then talks to the unit via Rolec servers.

Read this slowly: If the unit loses signal to the network, it does not try to reconnect.
Read it again... :) "it does not try to reconnect"

Yup, an unreliable network connection by definition , both cellular and Internet and it does not try to re-establish a link. Remarkable design choice.
So after 5-7 days, my charger loses connection and never comes back online. Requiring a power off and on/ reboot.

I now have Internet in the location of the charger and wished I bought a wifi or wired connected charger (if I am bothered about "smart" at all, as I can probably get the car (tesla) to charge during cheap tariff hours and just have a permanently on charger)

Anyway, hopefully that's helpful information to someone weighing up their options. Rolec have tried to help with diagnosis (my installers have been great)
I even paid an additional ~£150 for an external aerial. But its the logic of not reconnecting I have most of my beef with. Crazy.
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