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Was it your Renault Zoe at IKEA Milton Keynes this morning?

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Thought I'd nip in for a sneaky charge and there's a (rather nice looking) black Renault Zoe that'd JUST beaten me to it...

So come on, was it you, are you on here? Grrrr. :D
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I saw a white Zoe charging at Leicester Forest East earlier this week. It is a good looking car.
If you had waited 10min it would have been all your lol next time say hi
Curse you! ;) Didn't have any shopping to do so just trundled home. Will stop and say hi next time, just in case!
Lol I was thinking to my self that guy looks familiar, you had your phone on a holder next to the drivers window. I was thinking I new you from some were :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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