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What's the lane keeping assist like?

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I suppose I will find this out for myself soon enough, now that I've bought it and just waiting to collect. But to manage my expectations, what is the lane keeping assist (LKA) like on the ID.3 for motorway driving? I haven't seen a lot in reviews about it, but from what I've seen in reviews of other cars, LKA is usually derided by reviewers as the cars tend to just 'bounce between the lines.' Apparently lane follow assist is the good technology, that keeps the car positioned well in the centre, but I believe that's only available on the highest trim levels of ID.3 (I think it's called Travel Assist on VWs if I remember rightly). So, is this true for the ID.3 as much as for other cars? That LKA just bounces the car between the lines and it's better to just turn it off?
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Thanks for the info! And, ah well, the semi-autonomous cars like Tesla (or the highest spec ID.3s) are a lot more money, so I'll have to keep driving myself instead of letting the computers do it for me for a few more years yet!
Had not watched much tesla self drive youtube content till had my ID3 and while the tesla fsd option is good it does seem to switch off a fair bit ie UK roads are not great for it, motorways better.

Find with ACC driving is easy enough and actually am more attentive to traffic ie work load of keeping to limit reduced. Queues are very easy now, acc is a bit slow on roundabouts but usually manages them. Would like the acceleration to be less sharp when limit increases.
I'll me interested to see how the ACC compares to in my current e-Golf, which I also love. Obviously, great for motorways, but I find where it really shines is on single-lane national speed limit roads where you're behind someone else. Just set the ACC, and you're always at the right speed. Don't have to worry about slowing down for corners because, if the car in front slows for them, then you will too. As you say though, you do have to nudge it with the accelerator sometimes to move off from stationary in a reasonable time.
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LKA seems like a good extra safety feature that can save an accidental lane drift most of the time but it's certainly nothing that I'd want to bet my Life on, you see what I did there! ;)
Oh... god... and, I could be risking my whole Family! 😧 Yes, you’re right, I will be careful! 😁
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