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I am surprised that the increase in windscreen-mounted journey video cameras has not prompted manufacturers to put a source of power at ceiling level near the mirror, where there is usually power anyway to feed interior lights etc.
I am now faced with the task of running a long cable from the mirror area across the top of the windscreen, down the left hand side, around the fascia and down under the glove box and into the central power outlet (used to be called a cigar lighter!) .
I have bought a selection of small, black, self-adhesive cable clips to make it as neat as possible, but it is far from ideal.
Has anyone solved this problem on a Leaf?
I also note that the area of the windscreen that detects rain in the centre, is knobbly and prevents suction devices being fixed. This prevents me hiding the cam behind the mirror.

So NISSAN - Please note, in the next model put a USB connector on the ceiling console!
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