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I think I'm more likely to use petrol once the battery is low... I'm not buying a pure EV, because recharging does not appeal or suit my needs..

I don't see myself using public charging facilities unless they are convenient and cost effective and most importantly open.

If I want 50 pence worth of electricity (1 hour @10amp = 2.4kwh @20p/kwh) I don't want to be paying more than £1 for it! I am not a fan of profiteering. I'll wait till I get home and use petrol instead.. (1 hr charge gives 10 miles range = 1 litre of Petrol = £1.25)

I certainly do not want a subscription scheme and special cards to use certain chargers.. a closed system like that deserves to fail. Just give me a post that charges 50p/hr with contact-less debit/credit card and I'll use it. (I don't mind paying more where parking costs are included.)
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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