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Where to buy another charging cable ?

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I plan on charging my Ampera at work and home, so it makes sense to have a cable at each location instead of carrying only one with me and the mess of coiling it up each time.

Where + how much are additional 13A cables available ?
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Vauxhall are able to get charge cables but not sure of cost. My problem has been the cable length. I am currently waiting for charge points to be installed at my office. I have to plug my Ampera in through my window but with such a short cable I used an extension cable but after just 1 hour the trip went. It took over an hour to cool down so not great. I needed a solution. I have the same problem at home so I contacted a supplier to make me up an extension set. They did a great job, plug, extension cable, circuit breaker and then the other end has a spike to go into the ground with a waterproof outdoor socket. It works great and all of this for £160.00 + VAT. Anyone wants more details. Let me know.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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