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Where to buy another charging cable ?

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I plan on charging my Ampera at work and home, so it makes sense to have a cable at each location instead of carrying only one with me and the mess of coiling it up each time.

Where + how much are additional 13A cables available ?
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Parax said:
Does anyone know anything about the Toyota PiPrius cable? When Robert Llewellyn reviewed it a year ago, on Fully charged, the charger cable looked pretty good, a Tiny EVSE unit and spring coiled stretchy yellow cable.
I don't know that EVSE. It's worth looking around though because we now have some poor quality equipment on the market. If you can find anything with the Generation 2 ITT connectors they really are amazing quality.

If you have a technical background it might be possible to build your own... here's the 63A (~15kW) portable unit that I built for the Tesla;


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Parax said:
Now you're just teasing us :p comon send me a Zero EVSE Module..
I'm trying to get the modules into the hands of users without swamping ZCW with end user support :)
dpeilow said:
Latest word is that it will be available in Q4 through wholesalers.
Do you know whether this EVSE will be available in the UK? Traditionally, most Mennekes kit never makes it to the UK because none of their distributors take it.
dpeilow said:
I will keep the pressure on until Mennekes UK do . When I called last week I got "oh, you're the first to ask for one of these", but it wasn't a no
What we have found in our dealings with Mennekes is that sales enquiries to the UK office get passed to a UK distributor for fulfilment. In this process the Euro price becomes the Sterling price plus ~10%.

For example, the Type 2 socket that we could buy for 250 euros in Germany was offered to us for 275 pounds. They only really got interested when we started talking about 1000's cables....

Hopefully they will become more end user focused in the future.
dpeilow said:
They need to realise that the market just isn't that big yet.

But perhaps we can organise a group buy.
Yep... or we get someone to build a smaller version of my EVSE so we have the best of both worlds - portable EVSE that uses a Type 2 to Type 1 cable (that's what I'm using with hcsharp's Roadster adapter when it arrives next week).
dpeilow said:
My only stipulation is that to be allowed to plug it in at work, it cannot look 'homebrew'.
Agreed... It would have to be a 'real' product because 'homebrew' requires a lot of end user support which we can't resource.

We have transferred the EVSE module development to one of my companies because it's a much larger project than ZCW can undertake. It is possible that we will get the module into a mainstream distributor like RS who can support end users. Either way, the module will be in thousands of low cost EVSE :)
dpeilow said:
It's a complete mode 2 brick that is required.
I understand that... what I'm suggesting is that with a commercial Module it is possible for a third party to produce the brick you require.
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