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No idea!

But there is another option I would suggest you consider before buying another Vauxhall cable.

You can buy charging cable EVSEs on the open market. Some have more than just 6A and 10A settings. Depending on price you might want to look at possibly getting one of those. I know of one that does 6A, 10A, 13A and 16A so would be quite useful if you had the chance to charge through a 16A blue" commando" socket with a 16A supply.

They aren't cheap. Even the Vauxhall ones I would expect to be hundreds. The one I know of is over £500... or it was when I last asked the price but that was 6 months ago. They might be considerably less now I suppose. You would need to ask. Unfortunately I can't remember when I saw it! Sorry. But they are around.

Another option depends on how you intend to charge at work. Is it through an existing 13A socket or is your company installing something dedicated for EV charging? If the latter then you might suggest they install a type 2 pod from Rolec. You could then charge with a type1 to 2 cable which would also come in very handy for public charging at 16A. That would be my preferred option.
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