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Where to buy another charging cable ?

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I plan on charging my Ampera at work and home, so it makes sense to have a cable at each location instead of carrying only one with me and the mess of coiling it up each time.

Where + how much are additional 13A cables available ?
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I really wish Vauxhall had kept the 16A version of the portable EVSE that early press and pre-production cars had. This should be available with a molded, fixed blue commando plug and should be available as an accessory from the shop for those that could use it. I'm sure a lot of us early adopters know exactly how and when to use these. If it were a molded plug of that type, the novices wouldn't know what to do with it anyway, so they are not likely to plug them in to other types of socket.

See http://www.opel-ampera.com/index.php/ire/ampera/faq - they had 16/13/10/6 Amp modes.

I've been asked at work whether I can be charged and out of the bay by lunchtime (because we are being overrun by EVs at the moment - not - but it will hopefully happen in the long run). As we have 16 and 32A commando sockets, it would be possible to be out in 4 hours if I had such an EVSE.

I've made enquiries with Mennekes about getting their portable 16A EVSE that is of a similar type to what I describe above.

Latest word is that it will be available in Q4 through wholesalers.
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I will keep the pressure on until Mennekes UK do . When I called last week I got "oh, you're the first to ask for one of these", but it wasn't a no.

So if others are interested, I suggest you call them and let them know.


But if someone else announces a similar product then of course that is of interest too.
They need to realise that the market just isn't that big yet.

But perhaps we can organise a group buy.
That would be cool. My only stipulation is that to be allowed to plug it in at work, it cannot look 'homebrew'.
Right, but I'm not talking about a module now. It's a complete mode 2 brick that is required.
Craig, if you paid £160 for a weatherproof cable with a spike then you seriously got taken for a ride.

I've successfully charged at 10A from a Masterplug extension cable like this on many an occasion. I was doing it for 2 months at a colleague's house before work installed a charge point.

http://www.diy.com/nav/fix/electrical/c ... S-10549095
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