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Renault Zoe Intens 2013
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I like to keep my electronics up to date with latest firmware/software if I can , it helps smooth out bugs , effeciency, and sometimes offers new features . So on PCs I like the latest BIOS, up to date software and on other things like phones, set top boxes and the like I like to download updates when they become available .

So it got me thinking that I wonder how old the software versions are on the ECUs of my 2013 renault zoe. Its been out for quite a few years now. There are bound to be newer software updates come out. Fine if they have been updated in the normal course of a service schedule when changing pollen filter etc .. but I doubt thats ever happened or happens .

So , if I managed to find and pool all the ECUs fitted to my car and listed what software version they are loaded with, where would be my best port of call to go armed with that information ? Somewhere that has all the latest software documented?
Would I need to contact my nearest local renault main dealer? Or renault head office in uk or Ireland? (I reside in Ireland BTW ) or would I be better off going right to the top and sending off my findings to renault in France . At this stage I dont really want to drive to my nearest renault main dealers because they are miles away even the nearest one. I just want the info just to see how much out of date they are . And even better what the most updated software has fixed or enable on the car. I can get all the info of the ecu modules in my zoe and what software is presently loaded on them using DDT4all or pyren, there's no issue on that score
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