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So ongoing mess with Tesla, and their inability in managing to register my car with my number plate.

I am now the proud holder of two tax discs. Finally one with my personal plate, and one with a completely random registration (not the temporary one I've had after they initially registered my plate on someone else's car pre-delivery, and sent me the V5 for the wrong car.)

I'm also still missing my V5, and the physical plates. Which were supposedly posted over a week ago. My semi-educated guess is whoever has a registration ending FKO, is probably in possession of those now...

The first one I could put down to the newness of the operation, and delivery pressures. However having to do this a second time round is an absolute joke. The phrase "Couldn't run a p!ss up in a brewery." comes to mind!

Sorry rant over.
Its ok if you don't know who's tax discs you're using, because we soon no longer need to display our tax on windscreen :D
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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