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Why did you buy your Ampera?

  • EV range

    Votes: 8 57.1%
  • MPG

    Votes: 7 50.0%
  • Technology Showcase

    Votes: 11 78.6%
  • No range anxiety

    Votes: 11 78.6%

Why did you buy your Ampera?

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Hi guys,

First post on here. Don't yet have an Ampera but I was wondering what it was that made you purchase your car in the first place. If you could vote on the poll it would be very interesting.

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A big welcome to the forum and thanks for the poll!

I have clicked all 3.

Already having a Nissan Leaf our requirements were to have an EV as a second car but we needed the range beyound the 80 or so miles of the Leaf. We looked at other hybrids and at the up and coming plug-in EVs and decided that the Ampera exactly met our EV requirements (50 miles ish) and we like the tech of the Voltec system. It was also important that the petrol only mpg was sensible and at 50ish driven carefully again it met our requirements.

At the right price this car will storm the market but the tech is a bit early and the price is a bit high for the masses right now but I am convinced that in the next few years prices will drop (especially if it is made in Elsmere Port) and sales will then sore IMO.
That's very interesting. I've looked at a Leaf (as well as having a quick glance round the Renault offerings) and came to a similar conclusion to you I think. I can't afford the 2 so the overall mileage that I drive would dictate an Ampera whilst the drive to work means that the EV range would be just about right.

I too agree that once the price drops there will be quite a few of them about.
But the one option on the poll that is missing is the "lack of range anxiety" which along with the others is my main reason.
Seems that the poll resets when the options change so if you have already voted you will need to vote again.
Votes cast !

Range anxiety is probably the no.1 reason

I have to drive to Alnwick from Manchester tomorrow and without the Amperas petrol generator it would be impossible.

My challenge is to find somewhere to recharge when I get there otherwise it's petrol for 310 miles on the round trip !

Hi Chris, Nothing I know in Alnwick but there is a 13A Charge Point run by Charge Your Car at Rothbury:

Cragside Hall
NE65 7PX
Equipment Details
Number Of Points: 1
Usage: Public - Membership Required
Operator: Charge Your Car
Status: Operational
Connection Power Level Status Qty
BS1363 3 Pin 13 Amp Level 2 (Low to Medium Power)
- 1

If you had a Type 2 "Menekkes" cable you could also charge at Haggerston Castle, Berwick on Tweed at 16A:

Haggerston Castle Holiday Park
Near Berwick Upon Tweed
TD15 2PA

Equipment Details

Membership of Charge Your Car scheme required. Charge sessions limited to 90 minutes.
Number Of Points: 1
Usage: Public - Membership Required
Operator: Charge Your Car
Status: Operational
Last Updated: 182 days ago
Connection Power Level Status Qty
CHAdeMO Level 3 (High Power)
125A/400V/~50kW (Approx)
Operational 1
Mennekes Level 2 (Low to Medium Power)
32A/ Operational 1

You would need Charge Your Car membership but 2 weeks membership is about £5 but needs a few days to get the RFID card sent through the post so neither would be any good for tomorrow... shortcomings of any membership scheme. Still, Pay as you Go is coming soon to motorways I assure you.
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Possibly another category - Government incentive. For a company car driver the big incentive is 5% tax vs 20% + for others and the company itself can write down 100% of the capital outlay. fuel cards are typically 60% cheaper.
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