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I really don't consider EVs look "weird". They look different because they are new and have new design criteria some of which is to do with aerodynamics and some to create a feeling of modernity and to create a differentiation from the bland of today's models.

The Leaf nor Ampera look at all unusual to me. Nor the Zoe. The i3 is a bit quirky but not overly so IMO. It will stand out from the crowd and that is a good thing IMO as it shows that the car is completely different and this emphasizes the difference on the inside too.

The Tesla Model S is just bland IMO. I couldn't tell it from a Jaguar XF at a glance and although it has some nice visual features (flush handles etc) it is not an example of good EV visual design IMO. EVs are different. They are the future. I believe their looks should reflect that. I love the Vauxhall XL1. I like the quirkiness of the i3. The Leaf is too "today" for my liking and the Ampera could have gone further on the "futuristic" design IMO too.

I would also like to see the internals and controls broght completely up to date in the same way that aircraft display and control systems became digital in the 80's. Radical I know but I would like to see "fly by wire" side controllers instead of steering wheels. I am sure that without that big circular metal bar in front of the driver it would be a whole lot safer in a crash. The Tesla does it but I'd like to see the display systems all flat-screen and displayed by software instead of individual displays. Even the Leaf does not have that.

We are getting away from 100+ years of fossil fuels. I'd like to see us get away from the old-style designs of yesterday too and have modern-looking cars with futuristic interiors.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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