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We talked about this topic at length on TMC a few years ago. It's definitely the case that EV design has got a lot better in the past couple of years but far to many of them still shout weirdo at the top of their voices.

I know a lot people think the LEAF is ugly and it certainly has no aerodynamic advantage. Personally it has grown on me to the point where I don't mind it. In black :)

I can't understand people saying the Model S is bland. Perhaps it has been copied a lot since it was first announced in 2009 (Audi have totally ripped off the LED light patterns they did first), and I agree that the alpha version they showed then was prettier, but that's the way concept cars typically go when the realities of production are taken into account.

Personally I don't understand why we have to different models at all. Do we have completely separate designs for diesel?

But given that we do, I'm glad the Ampera looks like it does. Virtually every comment on it has been complementary.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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