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Wi-fi on the electric highway

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Charging at Chievley I saw this on my phone.

Does anyone know what it is all about? Is there a way that we can get use of wi-fi provided my the charger?
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It's still a dogs dinner, the RFID cards worked really well and they still haven't got back to anywhere near that level of reliability/usability.
People complained bitterly about RFIDs. Now people complain bitterly about the apps. No doubt when contactless payment comes in there will be complaining about that.

For me, it's not the card or app that is the problem but that you need to have a different set for every supplier going.
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Why on earth do they have a different SSID at each site? Surely they could have had one common SSID and then you would only ever have to set it up once.
Point has been raised with them. Reality is, however that most folks, most of the time will use no more than half a dozen or so units so no big deal.
Someone has to come along soon with a universal card/payment system and save us from all this madness
Yes. OLEV could have stepped in very early and mandated that they all played nice and used a common RFID system. They didn't and we have the RFID mess.

Equally contactless is now with us and established. No doubt in the not too distant we'll see units with this (assuming that the PCI is not too onorous)
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Or better still, get the app to set up the wifi connection for you? (where possible)
Extra coding - not necessary. You should not need to use the wifi most of the time since there will be a perfectly good mobile signal.
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