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Wi-fi on the electric highway

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Charging at Chievley I saw this on my phone.

Does anyone know what it is all about? Is there a way that we can get use of wi-fi provided my the charger?
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It is official.
Still do not know what the password is though...
Wi-Fi is restricted to a small area around each pump. It’s called EHWifi_sitename & password = Ecotricity #ukcharge #EVs (2/3)

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So if I was not a regular on this forum, how would I have known that I can use Wifi to get around a mobile connection problem? And how would I have know what the password would be? I suppose I could have called the helpline and they would have told me, but then we are back to the 24 hour support issue again, and once on the phone they could just start the charge remotely anyway.
"TWITTER" is how EH communicate with their customers. Not the best way in my opinion, I had to open an account and work out how it works

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1 - 2 of 102 Posts
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