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Wife's 1st day with the Volt commute. Complete success.

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Just been out to check the wife's Volt power use age for today. Couldn't have gone better. Journey to work via kids school, 30.5 miles full electric, journey home direct 19.7 miles full electric. Total 50.2 miles.

21 miles of range left. Days mpg 250+ . :D

Charged at work for free 13.1kwh, cost her company £1.04. They even emailed her with this data immediately after the car had stopped charging so she knew it was ready.

PR photos taken, I have to do them and ev write up about her Volt tonight. But all in all an awesome day when it only cost us £1.50 for the daily commute. Just awsome.

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Not sure if I'm being dense, but how is all that working out? Did you set off with a partially discharged battery? Given that 13 kwh was taken at work, it would imply the battery was empty. Are you saying there was a theoretical mileage of 71.2 miles?
Right...that would explain it. Don't make the assumption that just because it's an EV and most people think they are milk floats, that the cops will make the same mistake. I did see an Ampera that had been pulled over by the Police on the M18. I assume it was for speeding...

When I got my Ampera, the estimated range in the morning was 41 miles. I've now got that up to 47 miles, although after the last few days and the colder starts, that has dropped to 46. I do find it very accurate though if you drive consistently. The Leaf's meter was far more 'variable'; probably why they call it the 'guess-o-meter'.
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