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Wifi issues in new Tesla

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I've just received my new Tesla Model Y and cannot connect to wifi.

When I try and connect, it searches for networks but doesn't find any. My phone however does connect to my home wifi so the Tesla should be within reach (it is parked on my drive). But even then, it's not just that it doesn't find my home network, it doesn't find any!

Just worth mentioning the following before anyone mentions them...
  1. I have tried rebooting the Tesla
  2. Wifi is definitely on, not off.
  3. I have not yet connected the car to my phone (if it makes a difference) as I'm still waiting for my lease company to transfer ownership to me or something like that.
Any ideas? Until this is sorted I'm unable to download updates, get traffic info when using sat nav, etc.
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How do you park in relation to your router?

I'm fairly certain the wifi antenna in the car is in the passenger door mirror. When I got my Model 3 I had to get a mesh network setup and put one of the discs in the front window of my house so the car would connect.
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Ahh interesting. I park driver side closest to the house, so your theory may be valid as my passenger side is further away.
Yeah, that's how I park also.
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