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I presume the same thing happens with CCS as Chademo, where the 50kw charge points are 125A at 400v limited. I believe the M3 runs 350V batteries so the natural limit is 350x125 or about 43kw at the best of times.

I don’t fully buy the cold limit in the car that much, sure plugging into a 150kw supercharger might limit you to 70kw if you’re really cold, but again that’s a current limit of 200A at 350V, so why would a different charger have an even lower current limit in the car? Tesla might be ultra careful but it shouldn’t be neither case on a 50kw charger.

I actually think it’s just some chargers are a bit rubbish.

As for the the car time estimate, that seemed to go wrong a years ago in mine even on superchargers when Tesla played around with the charge curves.
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