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Are most VW wheels interchangeable or do offsets differ widely amongst different models?
Looking at buying some cheap alloys to use over (next) winter.
Good excuse to clean & wax the current wheels too.
They vary by model, even when they have the same style wheel.

Pitch Circle Diameter is 5 x 112 on the Mk7 Golfs, but on the Polo it’s 5 x 100 so something to bear in mind if you see ‘VW wheels’ for sale.

Centre bore is common at 57.1, and offset varies by wheel style but from memory the stock 18” wheels were ET51?

Presumably you’ll be going for some smaller wheels, so anything listed as fitting a Mk7 Golf should be ok, but the offset will need to change as the rims get narrower so you keep the same ‘poke’ as you’ve got on the stock ones. You can vary it a bit, but going too far messes with the geometry and it will handle differently.

I always use www.willtheyfit.com so that I can compare my existing setup to any wheel of interest.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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