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That’s pretty much the decision I made when Inout in my order for a 4+ about 6 weeks ago. Having owned a 24kWh Leaf and then a 30kWh Soul EV as the 2nd car I’ve decided to replace my Mitsi Outlander PHEV primary car (also used for work) with the e-Niro, and accept that there will be days where I may need to charge once or possibly twice based on my typical annual use. I’ve also compromised on boot space, and again will accept that I may need to hire a van for the few days a year I need maximum carrying capacity. Apart from that I get to enjoy the very nicely equipped EV driving experience from the e-Niro the majority of the time. It did take me a few months of soul searching to make my decision, and if the government grant had not been downgraded I may have swapped my order for a EV6, but I’m happy with my choice and look forward to getting the car in a few weeks time.
1 - 1 of 97 Posts
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