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I have a 24kWh Leaf and a 64kWh Niro. I've just driven, this morning, 75 miles to my nearest Kia Dealer and 75 miles back again for my first service. The weather was dry, quite windy and about 3ºC with the odd flake of snow in the wind. The journey was mostly on A-Roads and I kept up with traffic using cruise control at just under 60 mph. I got 3.7 miles/kWh for the whole journey. There may or may not have been a moment on my outgoing journey when I looked down and saw 93 mph at one point and I may or may not have averaged 80mph or so for the last few miles returning home, so I probably could have done better too. I could have done the journey in the Leaf with a few charging stops on the way, I would have been hypermiling and keeping it around 50 mph to achieve probably the same economy. The economy of the Niro is just better than the old style Leafs. If I'd hypermiled in the Niro and kept the speed around 50 I'd honestly expect 4+ miles/kWh this morning.
1 - 1 of 97 Posts
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