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Can I please pick the hive-mind of the e-Niro drivers on here?

I have a 30kwh Leaf at the moment. I love almost everything about it, except the range when on a longer motorway run, especially in cold/wet weather.

I've also got a second car, which basically only gets used for those longer journeys.

I'd like to sell both and replace with one EV.

However, it would need to cope with a 200 mile round trip without charging. That's 100 miles out, and the same back again. No charging at the destination. Mostly motorways, sitting at 70mph.

It would need to do that summer or winter, dry or rain, and with the heater or a/c on! And it would need to get me home with a reasonable margin left so I'm not panicking all the way home about if I'm going to get stuck...

And it would need to do it today, and for the next six or seven years (as that's how long I tend to keep my cars).

It feels like a lot of demands! Can the e-Niro do that? Or am I expecting too much?

I'd really appreciate the wisdom of your experience before I make an expensive mistake!
I have the Niro’s sister the Kona with the same drive train you will be amazed at the range you get from theses cars I went to Cornwall in mine a 300 mile trip and only had to charge for 20 mins but to be honest without that charge I would of still made it admit it was in summer but I still get well over 220 miles in winter no matter what roads I drive theses cars are very efficient and I don’t think there’s many out there that do as well so it would be a very good choice have no fear you won’t regret it.
1 - 1 of 97 Posts
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