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wrong tethered charger

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I'm a newbie so please be nice if my etiquette is not quite right. I have just ordered a Nissan Leaf. I have a Rolec Type 2 tethered charger which was installed under the grant scheme and my ignorance and lack of research means I have the wrong unit. What are my options? Don't really want to spend £500 on a new charger. I notice that Rolec have tethered cables and sockets available in their catalogue but am unable to get a price or information as to whether a sparky will be able to change it.

Any help or guidance would be appreciated.
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It was a local installer, I've just had him out for another issue with the breaker which was installed and he has agreed to replace the cable with a type 1. I did ask the lads who installed it before they started if it was a the correct cable for the leaf and they said it was. Let hope he does what he promised.
Its a problem more and more people will encounter so if anyone does have a solution I would be interested. On an unrelated note, what is everyone's opinion on the best charging networks?
Thanks everyone, great forum, good manners and friendly advice.
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Leaf got delivered on Friday on an unbelievable deal over 2 years. Sparky stuck to his word and all is well. The leaf is amazing
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