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Its a problem more and more people will encounter so if anyone does have a solution I would be interested. On an unrelated note, what is everyone's opinion on the best charging networks?
Solution would be to install a 'type 2' socket so anyone could use it if they bring their lead.

General consensus on here about charging networks are Ecotricity's Electric highway for their rapid (currently) free to use network
ZCW's Zeronet for their network of RFID card free, fast charging network. the use of this is normally free but your expected to use the location's service.

I believe these are the only national charging networks depending on your location someone on here will be able to provide you with more information on what is available locally

I think there is also a thread on here somewhere with a list of all networks I will see If i can dig it out or someone my bet me to it


Here it is
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