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BMW X5 xDrive45e on order
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I've just registered and wanted to introduce myself.

I live in the UK West Midlands on the Staffordshire border and have just ordered a BMW X5 xDrive45e via my employers car scheme. It looks like I might have a 6 month wait now due to production delays, but I'm already looking forward to getting it.

I did consider a full electric car but felt it was a little too much of a leap of faith to go full electric with my use patterns so decided PHEV would be a cautious first step. When my wife's car gets replaced in a year or so I expect that will be full electric.

I'll be dropping in trying to learn more about electric car ownership and no doubt asking a few questions. My first step is to get organised with a home charger so I guess that's the first sub-forum I need to head for.
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