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Trying to understand how boost/smart boost work with the zappi timers and with eco modes

If you're in eco mode and press the regular boost button, does it only go to 'fast' mode if the time is within one of the 4 boost timer slots? Or does it go straight to fast?

Smart boost - you set a kwh limit but does it know how much the car has, or are you setting a 'how many kwh to send out' limit and therefore have to check the car, do some math, adjust the setting on the charger? Also, if you have smart boost so you're trying to use solar as much as possible, and it doesn't get enough, the manual says it waits as long as possible before charging to fill up the rest. Does that take into account the boost timers too - eg octopus go 00:30-04:30 will it use those or potentially wait until after 4:30 and charge with more expensive electricity?
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