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I had a Zappi V2 installed a few weeks ago and have used it a couple of times to charge the car without any problems. I have the CT clamps wired into the unit. Usually I can see the grid usage (power being used by the house) and the power being drawn to charge the car. When the car isn't charging it shows the grid usage only.

However, today I have notoiced that when the car is not charigng it is showing 0kw in the top left - i.e. it isn't displaying the grid usage. I went into the settings and oddly it looks like the CT is connected and if I go into the CT Config I can see around 300W of usage which is roughly what used to show at the front before when the car wasn't charging (0.3kw).

I've attached a few pictures of the settings and the main screen - you can see here that it shows 0.0kw at the top even thouguh the CT config menu shows around 300W of usage.

Any ideas what is going on? I have tried resetting the Zappi but it didn't do anything. It seems the CT clamps are doing their job but it just isn't displaying for some reason.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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