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My TCU appears dead and none of the normal tricks (pulling the fuse, data sharing et al) work and the dealer has also declared it dead. There are none in Australia so a new one is coming from France. Given it recently took about 6wks to get a gasket from France to Australia, it might be a while. While I wait, I had a few questions for which I am sure someone will know the answers.

1. My current TCU is labelled ECU11569 TCU-GEN2.5_CONTI_0000_15. Installed in a Zoe manufactured around July 2017. Is this an early TCU- i.e. one of the early ones that had a high failure rate? The GEN2.5 sounds like something more recent. Any thoughts? Other numbers revealed by pyclip for the TCU are 07370R, 07883R and BT2201728301280

2. Network status is showing four signal bars, so pretty strong. However, it says Network Disconnected and MCC/MNC are -1/-1. I seem to recall this field previously had the network provider. Is this symptom what people have typically experienced when their TCU failed? there is a persistent DTC for the TCU saying "Computation failed" .

3. Has anyone had a TCU replaced and then the replacement fail?

Many thanks,
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