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After what seemed for ever, we collected our ZE50 this morning😎

We ordered the car on 11 February so in reality, given CV19 etc, it’s not been too long a wait really. It’s just that when I’ve committed to something, I am not the worlds most patient guy.

We called at the dealership yesterday as they asked so we could complete all the paperwork - this took about 40 minutes. It did mean though that today’s handover was very quick, about 15 mins only. All done in accordance with appropriate social distancing measures, no coffee, no handshake, the dealer couldn’t get in the car with us to show us stuff and so on.

Initial impressions are pretty favourable, build quality is about what I expected but overall ride, quietness, and general “pleasantness” much better than I expected.

Initial impressions are in the video here, should anyone want to watch it.

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