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Testing out the CanZE on my ZE50 GT Line (June 2020), figured it might be worth keeping tabs on known firmware versions. Mainly as things like the BMS update on the ZE40 was something we needed to track and we're already needing a firmware update for the pre-condition to work (my firmware list reflects this update having been done btw). Also post-service it'll be useful to see what has/hasn't been updated. My Zoe is a pre-radar build too, so I won't have info on that. I've also had my instrument panel replaced (TDB - Cluster?) and been told it's a different model from before so I am expecting to see some variations on that.

Here's my device manufacturer and firmware versions:

ECU, Version Type, Version data
ABS-VDC, diagVersion:04
ABS-VDC, supplier:BOSCH                                                       
ABS-VDC, soft::95631                       
ABS-VDC, version::_H0tGq551EemukKybLBoDTA     
APB, soft::TRW   Carl-Spaeter-Str. 8   5607
BCB-OBC, diagVersion:07
BCB-OBC, supplier:JF2
BCB-OBC, soft:0210
BCB-OBC, version:0A30
UCH, diagVersion:90
UCH, soft::142902                     
UCH, version::0800                       
HVAC, diagVersion:09
HVAC, supplier:B517
HVAC, soft::SW12.C.13-B047-14.0-F07.00
HVAC, version::F00C298
DCM, version::                           
E-ACT-EBA, diagVersion:04
E-ACT-EBA, supplier:BOSCH                                                       
E-ACT-EBA, version::95977                       
EPS, diagVersion:18
EPS, supplier:4AG4
EPS, soft::D100_106.22.01.09           
EPS, version::               
FCAM, diagVersion:08
FCAM, supplier:AFK
FCAM, soft::SW0ST12
FCAM, version::1300C80E12000000
HFM, diagVersion:05
HFM, soft::142A02                     
HFM, version::0630                       
IDM, diagVersion:20
IDM, supplier:A701
IDM, soft::RCA1006
IDM, version::02
INV-ME, diagVersion:07
INV-ME, supplier:BGP
INV-ME, soft:0220
INV-ME, version:A400
LBC, diagVersion:07
LBC, supplier:e2cad                                                       
LBC, soft:: 521
LBC, version::ZL00
LBC2, diagVersion:07
LBC2, supplier:E2CAD                                                       
LBC2, soft:: 521
LBC2, version::ZL00
TDB, diagVersion:22
TDB, supplier:10VisteonPalmela--EV                                       
TDB, soft::EV_V06.21
TDB, version::2019
MIU, diagVersion:08
MIU, supplier:
MIU, soft::
MIU, version::SW07.10
Navigation-UCC-ITM, diagVersion:B1
Navigation-UCC-ITM, supplier:BOSCH
Navigation-UCC-ITM, soft::I_PRJ_RN_AIVI_19.11V24
Navigation-UCC-ITM, version::3524_200728
Parking-Sonar, diagVersion:09
Parking-Sonar, supplier:VALEO                                                       
Parking-Sonar, soft::USA2_0664                   
Parking-Sonar, version::SYS_RENAULT-NISSAN_CMF-B_DEV_070
PLC-PLGW, diagVersion:04
PLC-PLGW, supplier:CONTINENTAL_ENGINEERING_SERVICES                           
PLC-PLGW, soft::283G86078R
PLC-PLGW, version::REX10_0u0_430_002
S-GW3, diagVersion:06
S-GW3, supplier:B408
S-GW3, soft::F005VT1779                 
S-GW3, version::SW0006.0003.0002           
USM, diagVersion:40
USM, supplier:414
USM, soft:BA65
USM, version:6560
EVC-HCM-VCM, diagVersion:07
EVC-HCM-VCM, soft::0A10
EVC-HCM-VCM, version::6A00
VSP, diagVersion:04
VSP, supplier:U2F
VSP, soft:0005
VSP, version:0004
WCGS, diagVersion:04
WCGS, supplier:LGE_CHINA
WCGS, soft::SW05.00
WCGS, version::M1.0.02_C1.0.01
Please join in, I would like to know when my firmware is out of date and when I need some new fixes :). @yoh-there I trust you aren't keeping track of this anywhere else that we can contribute to?

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Hi - Might be handy to include your vehicle registration date too to see if/how things change over time. I'll be back with my firmware versions shortly. There is somthing odd going on with the 50 SoH. Mine is falling - down to 90.36% already.

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Hi - Might be handy to include your vehicle registration date too to see if/how things change over time. I'll be back with my firmware versions shortly. There is somthing odd going on with the 50 SoH. Mine is falling - down to 90.36% already.
Added :). I’m observing a different battery heating behaviour than the ZE40.. and I have heard from some people that a warm battery can sometimes mean the SoH goes UP instead of down (haven’t seen it myself yet). Try to keep your car warm over this particularly cold winter and during times that a lot of people aren’t driving.

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There is a google spreadheet with much, much more of this, started by a german forum user. I would advice to add thuff there, it already has a ton of info.

I know there is also a French one, but IMHO it's pretty silly to make this "national". Said the guy now participating in a Luxembourgian / Dutch / French / German / Italian open source project ;-)

PS: one time, I tried to implement this in CanZE and warning about "outdated" firmware, but it turned out to be not very feasible. There are quite a few iterations it seems and without a truly reliable source, it was too much work with too little (perceived) gain.
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