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Interesting - I noticed this morning the car was 2% lower than last night and wondered if it was simply settling overnight or if the car had been using the battery for something. I wondered if I was leaving the key too close to the car inside and that was upsetting it.
Mine is also doing almost the same thing when left unused for a few days. I say "almost" because I would describe the very quiet fan noise as more of an electronic whine.The first time I thought it was a fault and would be draining the 12V battery, but found anything short of actually driving the car only stopped it temporarily. When we did drive it, things went back to normal.
The second time we realised it seemed to be connected with the car not having been used for a while. We took it for a drive after it had been clicking and whining for at least 3 1/2 hours, and noted there had been a traction battery drop of 2%.
According to Renault's website, when storing the car it is "best not to leave the battery completely empty ..., so that it can regularly recharge the small 12V battery that powers the car’s various accessories".
I take the point about a battery change being expected following a temperature drop, so it would be good to know whether the 12V battery is being charged or discharged by the activity.
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