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ZE50 - remove user select screen on start up?

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Hi all
Apologies if I’m duplicating another post - hopefully a quick question.
Picked up my ZE50 yesterday - just wondering if there’s a way to remove the user/guest select screen that comes up when you start the car?

It’s only me that will be driving the car so it’s a bit unnecessary!

Have tried looking in menus etc but can’t seem to find anything.
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I don't get this screen, but can't remember if I did something to prevent it appearing. Have you set up at least one user yet? We have one called 'Everyone' because we don't find we need different settings for each user. Perhaps the screen doesn't appear once you have one user set up?
Hello! I have set up a user and put it into my name with a separate user picture as I thought the exact same thing!

Have tried looking in the infotainment menus but can’t seem to see anything to turn off the option…

In the meantime I’ll keep poking buttons and let you now what happens 😂
Could you post a photo of the screen you are seeing, so we understand what we are commenting on?
Of course!

I think I may have managed to resolve the issue - I’ve now managed to link my phone up with the car so I can pre-condition etc. This menu now has a ten second countdown before it clears itself, which it didn’t before.

I’ll attach a photo of this later today and also update with what happened to clear it ☺
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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