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Zeronet - my first 1000+ mile Road trip/holiday

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Last week I embarked upon my first UK road trip with my Tesla (and the Mrs!).
I say UK road trip because I have been to Belgium and back a few times for work in it but didn't actually have to rely much on public charging as I was able to go from Ashford to my destination on a single charge (just about!)

For a short 5 day holiday I initially thought about Orkney but then realised just how far away it is even once you are in Scotland! So the Isle of Arran was next on the list as it has a Type 2 charge point at the Best Western.

I stopped once at Durham on the way up to make use of the Zeronet HPC, looked around the lovely city and had lunch and the car was full on return :)
We then headed to a B and B near to where the ferry left the next morning, again because it had Zeronet charging.

I'm not going to go through all of the locations in detail but basically the trip was made extremely easy by looking at the zeronet map and picking the locations that appealed to us. No faffing with RFID cards, no concern about whether the infrastructure would work or whether the charge point would have signal to reset itself if there was a fault etc...

The trip basically went like this:
Peterborough - Durham (HPC)
Durham - Ayr (type 2 32amp)
Ayr - Blackwaterfoot (type 2 16amp)
Blackwaterfoot - Tebay services (HPC)
Tebay - Lake district (Type 2 32amp)
Lakes - Stafford (HPC)
Stafford - Cambridge (home 32amp)

Only twice did we stop to specifically charge, the rest of the time we were stopping so we could enjoy the area and take our holiday, and what a lovely place all the sites happened to be as well. Very friendly and welcoming, thankfully all knew they had electric car charging and none of them charged a penny for the use as they realised that it brought them business.

Overall I am pleased to say it was a superb experience and just goes to solidify my confidence to be able to rely on Zeronet charging in the future.


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